Literary Analysis on IF YOU TOUCHED MY HEART

          Everything concerning life comes into focus in “If you Touched my Heart” by Isabel Allende, where she tells in a dramatic form a story of a man named Amadeo Peralta that grew up to be a ruffian. Amadeo is a 30-year old man full of inhibition without wanting to conquest a “sweetheart” like his father “tasked” him to. However, he had no choice as he would never do anything to go against his father. Hortensia is the 15-year old, she is simple-minded, was found working and singing in her village. The seduction began following into submission of a brief encounter until years later, she went to see him at his house and grabbed him by the shirt, pleading for their relationship.

Allende transforms this satanic story telling hard truths, a sad outlook, and with a just ending. His rise to power led him to his demise – he is the one that got married to a woman he found tasteless and also kept Hortensia locked in a cellar. Hortensia didn’t know anything else so she accepted this fate. Seduced by his confidence, promises are made but forgotten, and stopped seeing her and did not take good care of her anymore(a corrupt politician lies to the public in this way). He hires an Indian woman who is symbolical to being sinister because she is cruel and believes this is the right fate for the girl. She is what is wrong with the world, becoming a compliance. This story is a very basic way of New Historicism in seeing the children who find the “door to hell” and let the people know of it’s existence and noises. As it is revealed the decent citizens look to stop being in fear of Amadeo and prevail in justice. They feared Amadeo but knew he was corrupt all along. The time created an intervention through his evil doing with Hortensia. Culture as a whole prevailed in human justice and put Amadeo behind bars. Allende makes the ending a wishful one to represent a product of evil that was meaning for no good turn into a happy historical moment although in real life this could likely not happen today, tomorrow or at any moment in history.


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